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Region One Calendar

Q. What is Region One Calendar?
A. The Region One Calendar is a Pilot Program for 2016 put together by the four Districts of Region One (LKSA, ECSA, EMSA, SWRSA) to overcome some issues within the Districts.

Q. Who can participate in Region One?
A. Any Club within Region One with the permission of their District.

Q. How many events will a Club be allowed to attend?
A. The number of events each Club is allowed to attend is based on the District League they are playing in during the 2016 Outdoor Season to follow the OSA Development Matrix. Some Clubs will play more than others this year. 

Q. How much does this cost?
A. The only costs to the Clubs will be the field and referee costs. These will depend on the cost of the field rental and the length of the appropriate Region One event the Club is involved in. The cost of the web site will be taken care of by the Districts and administration duties are handled on a volunteer basis.

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