Region One Schedule Information

2018 Region One Entry Information - PDF

Region One Pilot Program 2018

This year’s program will consist of three Seasonal Festivals and three Fixture Festivals.

The following is the set schedule.





June 2, 2018

LaSalle - ECSA

Seasonal Festival

June 9, 2018

Strathroy - EMSA - CANCELLED

Fixture Festival

June 23, 2018

Strathroy - EMSA

Seasonal Festival

July 7, 2018

Simcoe - EMSA

Fixture Festival

July 28, 2018

Chatham - LKSA

Seasonal Festival

August 11, 2018

London - EMSA

Fixture Festival


Seasonal Festival: All squads that apply to play in Region One must attend all Seasonal Festivals to ensure that each roster gets to play the other rosters within the program and to attempt to prevent playing the same roster more than twice.

Fixture Festivals will allow squads from other Districts to take part in a One Day Festival along with Region One Squads. Depending on Club registration for these festivals we may run three tiers to attempt to provide equal levels of play. Region One Squads will have a reduced rate to attend these Festivals.


Host Venues for Seasonal Festivals will provide fields at zero cost

Host Venues for the Fixture Festivals at a reduced cost and no entry cost to Region One Registrant

Match Officials:

All games in Seasonal Festivals will have three match officials with a system of mentoring at each event arranged and administered by the local DRC.

Match Official fees are paid by each team upon registration at each Festival

Match Officials will be paid at the end of each day with the submission of game sheets.



 Region One Registration Fee:
 Match Official Fee:
   $35 per game per team
 Fixture Festival:
   $125 - Only Match Official fees for Region One Teams


The Region One Rules & Regulations are posted on the Region One website “” under the about section.



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