2017 Team Registrations

2017 Region One Pilot Program

2017 Region One Team Registration Form - doc

2017 Region One Team Registration Form - pdf


The Team Registration process for Region One is open and will be accepting team applications with a due date of March 4, 2017.

Each District must approve your Club to take part in this pilot and each Club must meet the requirements as outlined by the OSA in allowing this pilot to be run.

Region1 Player Development Festivals program Pilot 2017
The OSA supports Region One (LKSA, ECSA, EMSA, SWRSA) to run a this pilot program in 2017 based on the following conditions:

1. Evaluation of the pilot be managed by OSA technical staff
Setting up the evaluation parameters

-Conducting surveys/interviews
-Managing data collected
-Producing year-end report

2. Competition Format
-Districts have the right to determine if they will allow teams participating in the pilot to play to also play in their District leagues
-# of festival dates plus District league games to not exceed 20 events

3. Age Groups
-U11 male and female
-U12 male and female

4. District Representation
-Districts choose Club participation but each Club must enter both a male and female team in each age category (4 teams)
-The District must have a minimum of two (2) Clubs with a maximum of four (4) Clubs taking part

5. Rosters
-No team tryouts permitted, player pool is unlimited
-Match day roster is a maximum of sixteen (16) players

6. Coach and Parent Education Sessions
-Topics such as; Player Development System in District, OSA Talent Player Pathway, Principals of Long Term Player Development
-Delivered three (3) times during program (pre-mid-post)

7. OSA Outdoor Development Matrix must be followed
-Note, travel distances will be flexible for this pilot

Each District will accommodate these requirements in the best interest of the game.






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